Our Opportunities for Referrals and Brokers

If you are a broker or a referral source, Turning Point Capital encourages you to preview or even submit your upcoming transactions with us. We are always ready to form new partnerships through our Referral and Broker Program. If we are able to extend financing for any deal that you bring to us, we will pay highly competitive commission and referral fees.

Mutually Beneficial Partnerships

When we are dealing with high-value financing or funding for larger projects, we require that we work directly with your client, but this never means that you have to worry about losing out on your own deal. It remains yours, and if any of your clients come to us in the future, we will immediately refer them back to you, regardless of whether we financed them the first time.

We strive to create and maintain mutually advantageous relationships with our brokers and referral sources. We always are careful to protect our partners and their deals.

Join Our Financial Team

Turning Point Capital is an expanding company with positions available all around the nation. If you aren’t sure whether partnering with us is the right fit for you, consider the following questions:

  • Would you like to join a company with a national footprint and promising future growth?
  • Does your current employer sometimes fall short when it comes to securing adequate financing or meeting your clients’ deadlines?
  • Do you feel that you put much more work into your deals than your commission justifies?
  • Would you like to work with the support of an experienced, motivated team that is committed to funding your deals and clients?
  • Does working from virtually anywhere while taking advantage of our resources and identity appeal to you?
If so, we hope to hear from you.

Schedule Your Interview

We have various opportunities for brokers who are dedicated, experienced, and ready to work to improve their earnings and future opportunities. To learn more about our program and available positions or to set up your interview, contact Turning Point Capital today.